1. Abstract

HomeMatic BidCoS is a wireless home automation system produced by eQ-3. It features a good portfolio of devices and supports AES signing of packets in order to prevent unauthorized control of the system.

Homegear fully supports HomeMatic BidCoS and, in contrast to most implementations available, communicates directly with HomeMatic devices - there is no need for a CCU. That means you can do things that you could not normally do using the official central. Here are some of the things Homegear can do thanks to its direct connection with these devices:

  • Support for third-party communication modules

  • Better wireless range because the third-party modules have better antennas

  • Better latency and less packet loss with some communication modules

  • Devices (particularly remotes and motion detectors) communicate bidirectionally with Homegear immediately after pairing, which is signaled by the green LED. No additional steps are necessary.

  • Homegear supports roaming. It can automatically select the interface with the best reception.

  • Smoke detectors can be switched on and off.