5. Configuration

5.1. knx.conf

The configuration file for the KNX module, knx.conf, can be found in Homegear’s family configuration directory (default: /etc/homegear/families). In this file, you can configure the communication modules you want to use.

5.2. Communication Modules

5.2.1. Overview

The KNX module can use all KNX IP gateways and KNX IP routers supporting the KNXnet/IP tunneling protocol (= EIBnet/IP tunneling protocol, = IP tunneling protocol - there is only one).


Of course, you can configure multiple communication modules at the same time.

5.2.2. Configuring an IP Gateway/Router

To tell Homegear to use your IP gateway, insert these lines into knx.conf:

id = My-KNX-gateway
deviceType = knxnetip
# IP address of your gateway
host =
port = 3671
# Listen IP of the computer running Homegear. Leave empty to autodetect.
# listenIp =
# Port Homegear listens on for packets from your KNXNet/IP interface
listenPort = 5671