4. Configuration

4.1. m-bus.conf

The configuration file for the M-Bus module, m-bus.conf, can be found in Homegear’s family configuration directory (default: /etc/homegear/families). In this file, you can configure the Amber wireless transceiver and the allowed security modes. Both the Amber USB modules and the serial modules are supported.

Here’s an example configuration:


moduleEnabled = true

# Comma-seperated list of allowed security modes

securityModeWhitelist = 7

[Amber Wireless Transceiver]

# Specify an unique id here to identify this device in Homegear
# After devices are paired to Homegear don't rename the interface
# as the ID is used to assign it to the peers!
id = My-Amber

# Options: amber
deviceType = amber

# Device name of your interface
device = /dev/ttyUSB0

# The baudrate of the Amber module
baudrate = 9600

# The M-Bus mode (C, T, or S)
mode = c


We recommend M-Bus transmission mode “C” as it requires the least amount of energy.


The BSI requires at least security mode 7. For security reasons don’t enable other security modes unless absolutely needed.