6. Searching Speakers

Make sure the Sonos module is up and running before you continue reading this chapter.

6.1. Search for Devices Using the CLI

  1. Start the CLI by executing:

    homegear -r
  2. Switch to the Sonos family:

    families select 6
  3. Search for new Sonos speakers:

  4. Now ls should show all found devices.


Homegear never automatically deletes devices. You always have to delete them manually if not needed anymore.


IP address changes of speakers are automatically detected by Homegear.

6.2. Search for Devices Using RPC

You can also search for devices by calling the RPC method searchDevices(). The easiest to do so is by executing an inline PHP script on the command line:

homegear -e rc 'print_v($hg->searchDevices());'

Of course you can use all other RPC protocols supported by Homegear to call this method.