8. Files and Directories

8.1. Directories

Homegear creates the following directories:

├── devices
└── families
└── firmware
├── audio
├── families
├── flows
├── modules
├── phpinclude
├── scripts
├── tmp
└── www
Directory Description
/etc/homegear Homegear’s configuration files
/etc/homegear/devices XML files containing the device descriptions
/etc/homegear/families Family configuration files
/usr/share/homegear Static files. Currently the firmware updates are placed here.
/var/lib/homegear Data directory
/var/lib/homegear/audio Audio files
/var/lib/homegear/families Family specific data
/var/lib/homegear/flows Node-BLUE data
/var/lib/homegear/modules Family modules
/var/lib/homegear/phpinclude Default PHP include directory. You can place libraries here to make them available in all PHP files.
/var/lib/homegear/scripts Place your custom scripts in this directory
/var/lib/homegear/www Homegear’s web root directory. Place files or PHP scripts you want to be served through Homegear’s webserver here.
/var/log/homegear Homegear’s log files

8.2. Configuration files

The following configuration files can be found in /etc/homegear:

├── dh1024.pem
├── homegear.crt
├── homegear.key
├── homegear-start.sh
├── homegear-stop.sh
├── influxdb.conf
├── main.conf
├── mqtt.conf
├── php.ini
├── rpcclients.conf
└── rpcservers.conf
File Description
dh1024.pem Diffie-Hellman parameters used for forward secrecy
homegear.crt RPC server SSL certificate
homegear.key RPC server SSL private key file
homegear-start.sh This script is executed before Homegear starts. You can add your own initialization commands here.
homegear-stop.sh This script is executed after Homegear is stopped. You can add your own deinitialization commands here.
influxdb.conf Homegear InfluxDB’s configuration file. Only available when Homegear InfluxDB is installed.
main.conf Homegear’s main configuration file
mqtt.conf MQTT configuration file
php.ini Configuration file for Homegear’s PHP script engine
rpcclients.conf File to configure RPC event servers (certificates, authentication, …)
rpcservers.conf RPC and web server configuration file