4. Installation

4.1. Installing from Repository

If you are using Debian, Raspbian, or Ubuntu, you can install the HomeMatic Wired module from the repository. Please run the following command as root:

apt-get install homegear-homematicwired

4.2. Manually Install Debian/Raspbian/Ubuntu Package

Download the HomeMatic Wired package (homegear-homematicwired) from the Homegear nightly download page or the APT repository. Then install the package as root using dpkg:

dpkg -i homegear-homematicwired_*.deb
apt-get -f install

The command apt-get -f install installs any missing dependencies.

4.3. Compiling from Source

4.3.1. Compiling Current GitHub Source Using Docker Image

See the Homegear documentation.

4.3.2. Manually Compiling Homegear-HomeMaticWired Prerequisites

First install all dependencies:

  • Homegear

  • Libgpg-error devel

  • GnuTLS devel

  • Libgcrypt devel Debian/Raspbian/Ubuntu

Run the following on Debian, Raspbian, or Ubuntu:

apt-get install libgpg-error-dev libgnutls28-dev (libgcrypt11-dev or libgcrypt20-dev) openSUSE Leap

On openSUSE Leap, run the following:

zypper install libtool libgnutls-devel libgpg-error-devel libgcrypt-devel Compiling

Next, you need to download Homegear-HomeMaticWired and extract it:

wget https://github.com/Homegear/HomeGear-HomeMaticWired/archive/master.zip
unzip master.zip
rm master.zip

Change into the extracted directory and run makeRelease.sh or makeDebug.sh. You can pass the number of build threads to the script to speed up the compilation process:

cd Homegear-HomeMaticWired-master
./makeRelease.sh 4 Configuration Installing Configuration Files

Install the default configuration file:

cp -R misc/Config\ Directory/homematicwired.conf /etc/homegear/families

Install the device description files:

mkdir /etc/homegear/devices/1
cp misc/Device\ Description\ Files/* /etc/homegear/devices/1

Install the firmware update download script and execute it:

mkdir -p /usr/share/homegear/firmware
cp Data\ Directory/firmware/* /usr/share/homegear/firmware
chmod +x /usr/share/homegear/firmware/GetFirmwareUpdatesHomeMaticWired.sh
/usr/share/homegear/firmware/GetFirmwareUpdatesHomeMaticWired.sh Communication Modules

See Communication Modules for instructions on how to configure communication modules. First Start

Now you need to restart Homegear. On Debian, Raspbian, or Ubuntu, you do this with:

service homegear restart

And watch the log file with the following command to make sure that everything is working properly:

tail -n 1000 -f /var/log/homegear/homegear.log