6. Removing Nanoleafs

Nanoleafs can either be removed using the Command Line Interface (CLI) or the RPC method deleteDevice(). They are never removed automatically by Homegear. So if a Nanoleaf doesn’t exist anymore you need to delete it manually.

6.1. Remove Device Using CLI

To remove a device with Homegear’s CLI, start it by calling homegear -r. Then execute:

families select 22
peers remove PEERID

The peer ID can be retrieved by calling ls before executing peers remove.

6.2. Remove Device Using RPC

The simplest way to call deleteDevice() is by placing it into an inline PHP script. The argument flags is completely ignored and can be set to 0. To for example delete the device with peer ID 16 run on the command line:

homegear -e rc '$hg->deleteDevice(16, 0);'